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Welcome to the Aasraa Foundation : Uniting for Our Children's Future

The Aasraa Foundation is a dynamic and inclusive organization that stands as a united front, representing all parents and their associations in Vadodara. Our primary mission is to create a powerful and harmonious platform where parents can voice their concerns and advocate for the betterment of our children's education, welfare, and overall development.

Our Purpose
At the Aasraa Foundation, we firmly believe that parents play a pivotal role in shaping the future of our society. By coming together under one common umbrella, we strive to amplify our collective voice and create a positive impact on the decisions and policies
concerning education, child welfare, and related matters.

What We Do

Teamwork of partners. Concept of integration and startup with puzzle pieces
Advocacy and Representation

We serve as the representatives of parents across Vadodara, voicing their grievances and demands to the relevant government bodies and educational authorities. By presenting a unified front, we aim to bring about positive changes and ensure that the concerns of parents are heard and addressed effectively.

Parental Workshops and Seminars

Understanding the crucial role of parents in a child's development, we organize informative workshops and seminars on various parenting and education-related topics. These events provide valuable insights, guidance, and tools to help parents become effective partners in their children's educational journey.

Collaboration with Educational Institutions

We foster productive partnerships with schools, colleges, and educational institutions to promote an open and constructive dialogue between parents, teachers, and administrators. Through these collaborations, we seek to improve the overall learning environment and nurture a strong support system for our children's growth.

Community Engagement

Our association actively engages with the local community to raise awareness about pertinent issues affecting children's well-being. By fostering a sense of unity and social responsibility, we endeavor to create a nurturing environment that facilitates the holistic growth of our children.


We are at the nascent stage and started our operations in the year 2023 with a noble cause solely to assist and empower the needy, train them and improve the skills. We are already associated with the women’s groupwherein training on arts and handicrafts being imparted to make them self-reliant. On the similar line we would carry out our journey to assist the needy including Senior Citizens, differently abled people with a slew of activities/projects right from shelter to training, empowerment and assistance. We at AASRAA Foundation believe that the livelihood and their quality of life will improve leaps and bound.


AASRAA Foundationaims to engage in programs dedicated to Regional and National issues correlating to Education, Training, Environment & Health, Social upliftment, Forest conservation, Clean water and sanitation. We are committed to bring people closer to the concerned issues which are having a direct or indirect effect on society. We strongly believe that there should be close sustainable interaction between society for long term and sustainable basis to achieve the objectives.

We wish to establish a large and network of likeminded people to accomplish our mission of better planned developments.


To Design, Promote and Implement Solutions/projects Towardsself-Sustainable and Healthier Living. Service to the poor and needy, Old age people care, forest management and ecological restoration, Sanitation and cleanliness, socio economic upliftment, Training and Skill development to the Tribal, Women selfhelp groups, traditional artists and handicrafts. Promotion of activities for the empowerment of women through MahilaBachat Gat.

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