Aasraa Foundation

Our Services

Under the umbrella of our foundation we are engaged in providing:

Training and Skill development for the needy

Environmental and Forest Conservation activities

Provide Notebooks, free textbooks and uniforms

Rainwater Conservation and Harvesting

Old age homes and care facility

Activities and campaigns through MahilaBachat Gats

Arrange seminars, workshops, symposiums

Implement various schemes of Government on social welfare, sanitation and clean drinking water etc


Importance of a tree is well known to all and the entire ecosystem depends on the green cover. A Scientific approach is envisaged in the tree plantation with our experts and assistance from the forest and social forestry department. Tribals ‘adivasis’ are an integral part of the society and mostly they rely on the forest produce, protection and plantation without their involvement will be a futile effort. We undertake such tasks with their cooperation and assistance. The expertise will be given for:

  • Plantation through Seed Bomb and conventional plantation
  • Plant saplings

Survival techniques


Under this program, we select, review, check the suitability of any relevant technologies which act as remedy and recommend it for use. We assist in the implementation and application of such identified technology. For eg. Setting up a community rainwater harvesting, clean water availability, sanitation and hygiene, solid waste handling and management at community level. 


CSR a mandate from Government of India, Under Companies Act 2013, Schedule VII, where companies in the bracket have to share 2% of their net profit for Social Causes. CSR is an opportunity for the companies to create a better environment for themselves and their surroundings. AASRAA Foundation focuses on creating demonstration and implementable CSR projects as per the desire of the stakeholders and beneficiaries.

The activities considered for implementation of CSR are of following type:

1. Environmental and Tree plantation Aspects

  • Conduct awareness campaigns for water quality assessment, air quality, tree plantation etc.
  • Mega Tree Plantation drives and maintenance
  • Training on preparation of Seed Bombs
  • Animal welfare & protection programs
  • Solid waste and Sanitation: awareness programs for e-waste, biomedical waste, municipal solid waste and technological implementation like organic waste convertor use, etc.

2.Health Aspects

  • Health Survey & Health Camps for poor communities, Senior Citizens and homeless people
  • Programs for schools, colleges, companies, factories, tribal hamlets, Slums
  • Sanitation Programs: Importance on Sanitation, Health and Hygiene

3.Rural Development Projects

  • Improvement of water quality and sanitation and its testing for desired use
  • Sustainable Agricultural solutions vis-a-vis water availability
  • Contamination assessment and its control
  • Use of Renewable Energy

4.Human Resources

  • Promoting education and research for poor communities
  • Empowering poor communities with education tools, eg: Audio visual, Posters and computer training
  • Promoting and training employment based programs, eg: Art and Handicrafts, painting, jewellery making, Forest Produce, Old age home facilities, Skill development to Poor, Triabals and differently abled

Training, Awareness and interactive programs  and capacity building of all the stakeholders


To conduct the socio economic surveys to ascertain the pressing social problems

Identify the issues and devise programs to address them eg; education, training, skill development, cottage industries

Identifying socio cultural issues and gap analysis and its mitigation through community participation.

Organization of Periodic HEALTH CAMPS

Health being an important parameter and which is related to a community, it becomes more sensitive as an outbreak in a community can result in major losses. At our Foundation, we study the communities for their health and locate and identify and analyse:

  • primary sources of possible outbreaks,
  • Post locating the sources and
  • possible threats to the community,
  • potentialsolutions, including setting up of health camps where required.
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